Full Home Inspection

Our standard Full Home Inspection services includes review of accessible areas to look for defects identified in the industry standards in New Mexico. [Karl can you provide a more specific list of standards? Your friend’s site said “State of New Mexico, InterNACHI and ASHI)] We will examine:

  • roof [ANA how can I change the bullet list font to Alegreya Sans?]
  • exterior of structure
  • heating and cooling systems
  • plumbing
  • venting and ducting
  • electrical wiring and panels
  • fireplaces
  • interior doors, windows, steps and more
  • appliances

We can reinspect the property after repairs have been made.


NM Gross Receipts Tax will be added to all fees charged.

  • <1,000 sq/ft.    $350.00
  • 1,000-2,300 sq/ft.   $400.00
  • 2,300-3,300 sq/ft.  $450.00
  • 3,300-4,300 sq/ft.  $500.00
  • >4,300 sq/ft.  Call for pricing